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About the team

Here you will find the personal profiles from the members on the team. Learn their skills, their hobbies, and their weaknesses. Mainly they have no weaknesses, but its good to pretend.


Name   Brandon Fogerty 


Job title
Lead programmer/Webmaster/Flash Programmer/Lead musician 

Programming languages
C/C++, visual basic 6.0, QBasic, VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), Javascript, DarkBasic, SQL, assembly, html, z80, Flash, Gameboy, and Playstation 

GOD, drumming, making music, sword fighting, shoaling, Tai Chi, programming, and console hacking. 




Name  Jeff Zhang 

Age  16 

Job title  Programmer / Artist / Producer 

Programming Languages  C/C++, Visual Basic 6.0, QBasic, JavaScript, Html, and Flash 

Hobbies Art, piano, and programming. 

State Ca. 



   Ralph Le Gall 

Age   29 

Job title  2D 3D Artist / Programmer / Webmaster
Programming languages  DarkBasic and HTML 

Hobbies   GOD, arts, vegitarian, some cartoons... 

Location   France 



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