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Dark Basic

Welcome To the Dream Coder's Realm "Dark Basic" page!

"Break Out 2002"

I have always wanted to make a Break Out game so I am currently working on a Break Out game that will have lots of little obstacles. I have already created 4 levels. I will be releasing a demo pretty soon. I might even write a level editor. =) Keep checking back for updates! In the mean while, check out the Dream Lib and start writing shorter code with cool effects, all below! Thanks!

GOD Bless!!!

Brandon Fogerty is currently working on more Dark Basic tutorials, but as of now you can download the Dream Library for Dark Basic which will allow you to start making games WITH EASIER CODE in NO time! Even with an Easy "Basic" language, Dark Basic can still be VERY difficult to pull off that special effect you want or just to code simple tests. The Dream Library by Dream Coder's Realm, allows you to reduce your Dark Basic code ALOT.


#include "dreamlibraryupdate.dba"
text_Pop(50,50,"Dream Library Demo",50);
sleep 4000
make object Cube 1,10
position object 1,0,0,50
sleep 1000
sync on

Printf("Welcome To the Dream Library!");
if timeit(10)=1 then FadeToColor(0,300,500,10); if timeit(150)=1 then Key_Camera(5);
if ControlMouseWithJoystick(10)=1 then printf("Mouse Down!");


- Webmaster




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