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News As of Jan/27/2002

It is almost time for Warrior's Mind to be at the Milia Event! Check out what the Dvd case for Warrior's Mind will look like in Europe here. This is the DVD case without Text! Also, Warrior's Mind has been updated to V2.0! To check out all the new updates and to get the patch, please visit our "Patches" page! Thanks!

GOD Bless!!!

News As of Jan/11/2002
Warrior's Mind is going to be displayed at E3 this year (2002). Warrior's Mind will also be at the Milia (equivalent of the E3 in Europe) early February. Currently Magnussoft, Our German Publishers, are designing the cover for Warrior's Mind. Warrior's Mind will be released in Germany at the earliest in Febuary and the latest in March. Xing Interactive is currently designing the DVD case for Warrior's Mind to be sold in in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and More! Exciting things are happening! Thanks Soooooooo Much!

GOD Bless!!!

News As of Jan/6/2002
A Demo of Warrior's Mind has been posted in the Download section. Do to how much Media Warrior's Mind uses, ALOT has been stripped out of the game, hence the name "The Warrior's Mind Stripped Demo". We are currently using Geocities as our download server and their Data Transfer rate is very slow so if you get an error, please keep trying until we get a new and better server! Warrior's Mind has now been translated into English, French, and German! We are now working on a Japanese version! We plan on releasing a MOD tool kit soon for those who buy the FULL version of Warrior's Mind. The Publishing of Warrior's Mind has been postponed until Febuary in Europe because the Magnussoft, our German Publishers, are currently redisgning the cover for Warrior's Mind. We appoligize if this puts you in an inconvience but please stick with us! Dream Coder's Realm is ready to get some new games out that will make your thumbs soar! Keep checking back with us! This is going to be a great year! Thanks so much to all our supporters!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD Bless!!!

News As of Jan/4/2002

We have Added The Character Page to the Warrior's Mind website
We are currently making
A Demo of Warrior's Mind so that you can try it out! Do to all the media involved in Warrior's Mind,
the demo is going to be a VERY much stripped down version of Warrior's Mind. We pray it satisfies you though!

Warrior's Mind is Being Released in Germany,Austria, and Switzerland this January. News on the rest of Europe,
America, and Asia will follow shortly! We will keep updating the Game Warrior's Mind and the website for you so please keep checking back with us!
Thank SO much for ALL YOUR support!
And may GOD Bless you much my friends!!!