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Gameboy Programming

Welcome to the "Gameboy Programing" section of the Dream Coder's Realm! Now I know that most of you are thinking that "Why not have a Gameboy Advance section instead of Gameboy / Gameboy Color section??!!!" Well, I am just one of those guys who loves classic gaming... not that I don't like today's gaming too! lol! Also, I haven't really gotten into Gameboy Advance programming yet, when I do, I will add a new section. There is just something about Gameboy programming that I love! Well here I will post source code I HAVE WRITTEN and Demos / Games I HAVE MADE. All work here has been made solely by BRANDON SEAN FOGERTY, including but not limited too Coding, music, graphics, and game design. I will also talk about how to get gameboy roms you make on a real gameboy! COMMERCIAL ROMS ARE ILLEGAL! DON'T ASK ME! Other than that, feel free to email me at

Thank you for taking an interest in the Dream Coder's Realm team. Your visit is very much appreciated!

- Webmaster

This is an ongoing project I am working on. I am still sketching out a design for it but this is what you would call my "Fun" project meaning I am not making any money off this game. It is mainly for experimental and fun testing on the gameboy. This is not really a game yet, more of a demo of what is to come. Feel free to try it out so far if you want!

Gameboy Beat Machine
This is basically a finished project I did. I used the Lemon mod converter to create sounds. Basically what I did was create about 7 MODS and then convert it to C code using the Lemon Mod to Gb converter. From there on when a player hit a button, I told the Gameboy to play a certain pattern which was a single note. The gameboy has 4 channels for sound output, I used the 4th channel which is from Drum sequences. This is a really fun demo to play with, ecspecialy if you play it on a realy gameboy! You can make cool little riffs and beats and if you have the No$gmb emulator, you can even record what you make!




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