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News and events

New Updates and News on the Quarter... | 8.26.02

The Palm Pilot page has been updated with working links to all the Palm projects that I am working on.

In addition, we need to get more money for software and testing. I release 60% of my source code here so that everyone can learn but in turn, to keep the server going and for new tests and projects, a little money needs to be in the budget to keep this site going. I am planning on adding much much more very soon! In the mean time, you can get some cool looking clothing from our Online shop! Please Support us at our online shop at Dream Coder's Realm Store!

As far as e2 Extreme and I go, we are finishing up the 2nd quarter of our Action shooter, Calibur Z. This is gonna be one game that A LOT of people are gonna want to play! That's all I can really say! ;) For more details, stay in touch at the e2 Extreme home page at

Thanks! And

GOD Bless you Always my Friend!!!

We New Openings and Additions!... | 6.01.02

Brandon Fogerty has recently opened a partnership with e2 Extreme, A new gaming company. Brandon Fogerty first met the CEO of e2 extreme in karate. Phillip Nguyen is an old but yet new friend of Brandon's and they plan on making some really good games together.

Brandon has also been working on a new Gameboy game that you can check out in the "Gameboy" section. He will be writing tutorials on how to create Gameboy games and even help people with the nitty gritty such as sound! Keep coming back! Thanks again!   

Thanks! GOD Bless!!!

We updated our who we support section... | 1.01.02

Dream Coder's Realm has completely finished the
3D Fighting game, and
it will be in stores this Christmas 2001. It will be
in Europe, Asia, and America!
Grab a copy but until then visit the site at   

Thanks! GOD Bless!!!

Partnership | 12.25.01      

Dream Coder's Realm is proud to announce the new partnership
Xing-Interactive and Fire Dragon. They will be our new publishing and sales partners. We also look forward to having our 3d Fighting game called Warrior's Mind published in stores at the end of this year. Check it out at

Thanks!  GOD Bless!!!









Warriors Mind

Cyclone Foundre








Welcome to the Dream Coder's Realm website! 
(Brandon Fogerty)

Welcome to the humble home of the Dream Coder's Realm! It has been a long time since I have last updated Dream Coder's Realm but I am back on it! I have a lot planned for Dream Coder's Realm and plan on adding a lot more to the site very soon! Thanks!
GOD Bless you Always my Friends!!!!

Xing Interactive is one of the publishers for the  Dream Coders Realm's game "Warriors Mind". For a look into this company, please visit their website. You can find it here.

Xing Interactive

DirectX 7!

For the best plug-in utility, check out DirectX 7 from Microsoft!


Fire Dragon Interactive is the other publishing company, supporting the production of our game.

Look out for the Warriors Mind game in your area!

Fire Dragon Interactive


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