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after lots of deleting and half-hearted decisions...  well. 
i got j @ n e back up.

wait, this is suppose to be a welcome paragraph?  HA, silly me.  so, welcome to j @ n e.  my site.  my first somewhat decent site.  -sighs-

this is vs.2  -  "plain jane".  it's kind of obvious why it's called that.  because this layout is just...  well, plain!  and since my name is jane...  it just all works out.  this layout is nothing special, has no cute grahics, it's not even "elite" or "elegant".  gawd!  i guess i'm the simple kind of girl who wishes she was complicated and creative (but she isn't).
plus, this layout already gave me a hell of a time to try to get it up.  i'm not some super-html girl, okay?  i'm still learning... but hopefully, i'll have a new layout up soon.

anyways, i hope i've humored everyone enough.  thanks, brandon, who is hosting vs.2 of the site currently (due to the sad fact i can't find another host)!  you rock.  definately.  hey, if you are looking for a host...  lemme know.
navigation...  just click one of the four big black stars above.  that should get you somewhere. if you have any questions, be sure to check the faq page, they might be answered there!

i love feedback. so go give me some. i could really use the advice on how to make my site better.

love... jane

march 8]  worked some more on the subpages some MORE. i got a few pages up, i still have a lot to go...
march 4]  wrote some content for the site, browsed for some future cliques to join...
march 2]  actually put the layout together and got it up on the internet...  and worked on the subpages...  okay, i'm trying to get this thing finished!  calm it, kiddies.