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More Information

  The Dream Coder's Realm team consists a group of teenagers from all over the country who are trying to stand out. Their main purpose is trying to share information with people about different programs, so the users can too gain this knowledge. A big goal of the Dream Coder's Realm team, is to have other companies see that teenagers can program just as well, maybe even better than college students. We have all helped each other learn what we know and learned also by reading books and online tutorials.

    They hope to give back to all those people who have helped them by sharing knowledge to everyday people.

    "We will try to show people how to program all the new consoles," says Brandon Fogerty. "We are going to be working on neo-geo pocket color and Playstation soon." So keep your eyes directed to this team, and what they have to offer.

Come back soon!

GOD Bless!!!



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