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Palm Programming

Welcome to our Palm Programming page! We develop software and games for the Palm Computing Operating System. In this section, we will post demos we make and source code as well for you to learn how to code Palm Pilot software and games!

NOTE: All our Palm software is tested on a Palm m505, Palm Os Version 4.0. Therefore we cannot assure all the code will work correctly on your palm! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Brandon Fogerty at

Thank you for taking an interest in the Dream Coder's Realm team. Your visit is very much appreciated!

PDos - Pdos is a Dos like command line console for the Palm pilot. This little program gets info for the user from the palm and allows you to edit some of the memory. Only source is included. If you want to edit the source with new commands or fix bugs, you are more than welcome! Thanks! DOWNLOAD

PSpecs - Need to get vital information about the specs on your Palm? Or want to impress your friends with your savy Palm Specs. Palm Specs will return information directly from your memory so you can see the real data! Thanks! DOWNLOAD

Lie Detector - Is he cheating on you? Do they really know you? Are they telling a fib!!??? Find out with Lie Detector! Thanks! DOWNLOAD


Bitmap Demo - This is a little Bitmap demo that demonstrates how to use the hardkeys as a form of input and how to load a Bitmap image from a resource. Very good for game programmers!


Palm Play - This is a Simple Palm MOD Player for the Palm Os. It plays "Palm Tracker" files. It supports up to 3 channels of sound. Almost as good as the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy!


Wav Table - Programmers who need to test different sound effects in real time, this tool is for you! Test EVERY sound a palm can make in realy time and have variables outputed for you!


Tech Demo - Finally a Tech Demo. It has some Music, Animation and text effects that you may enjoy! Check it out either way!


Xing - This is a little bussiness Card I put together for Xing Interactive©, our game publishers. Please check it out and support them!

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