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Who we support...

Over the period spanning the development process for the Dream Coder's Realm team, they have received a truckload of support in which they thank God for. What better way to show their appreciation, than to have a page dedicated to those who helped them get here. 

Want us to support your site?

 Well first put our above logo on your site and link it to

What we want from you:

- We will need something useful that you can do for us to help support us. Like get us our own ftp site.
-or help us with advertising our site.
-or help us with code
-or help help us with a money donation
-or anything else you think will be helpful.

What you get:

-We will support you with software meaning if you ever need some software, we will help you.
-We will always be there for you in the digital world and will try to help with software solutions!
-Your logo will be on this page.


Please email me here saying you would like to support us and how you would like to do it  





This is OUR Newest and finished 3d fighting game for the computer! It has awesome game play, eye candy graphics, and great music! This fighting game is unlike others because you can do moves and super power moves that other fighting games won't let you do! Buy a copy when it hits stores this Christmas!
X-ing interactive is our new game publisher. They will be publishing all our games for the computer and palm pilots. Soon our console games as well!

Bitmap Image

New colony is always  a great site to go to if you are interested in web design. Please visit this awesome site! They teach people how to design good websites! They also support us and we them! Please check it out!
This is a game being made by one of our new partners. They are created a cool new 3d tech demo. It has cool graphics and cool music! Please check it out!

Bitmap Image

This is a school in Atlanta Ga. It is a great school for 3d animation and flash programming. I attended their Flash programming workshop this weekend and I learned A LOT in two days. The front page flash intro was made by me (Brandon Fogerty) in two days. I really enjoyed it!

Bitmap Image

These are some friends of Dream Coder's. They are working on a really awesome rpg that has alot of potential! Dream Coder's Realm helped some with the combat engine. Alot of their graphics are eye candy! You have to check them out!




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