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We are currently working on some projects for download. The projects that are listed were made by Brandon Fogerty.

All Software on this page was made either by Brandon Fogerty or the Dream Coder's Team and Brandon Fogerty.


[Click on images to start download]


Emulator Genie

Emulator genie was programmed by Brandon Fogerty . This is the must have tool for game console developers/emulator ROM players! It allows you to reprogram your favorite emulators like ZSNES (Super Nintendo) and No$GMB (Gameboy) emulators without even knowing how to program. You can control the speed of a game, play with the sound emulation, rip pictures out of games and much much more! You can also listen to Super Nintendo songs as well! That's right, it emulates the super Nintendo song in 32 - bit mode on a windows platform! Emulator Genie also comes with a Hex editor, and a code editor! So if you have a compiler for a console, write your code in our code editor!

VRML Compiler

With VRML compiler, you can design 3d VRML worlds in no time! It is so organized. You can test the world in the application, comes with debugging mode, place to write your code, saving, running, and opening options. You will have a real VRML programming station so no more notepad for you and no more wandering what that code will look like and waiting for the project to load! Also you have wire-frame and smooth mode too! Have fun!

Alpha Man

Bitmap Image

This is an on going Gameboy game that Brandon has just started. It will be our first official game in the Gameboy world. We are far from done with it. It is in the beginning steps. We hope to be done in a few months. You can download it now to see what it looks like now.


If you have a mouse, a computer keyboard, a computer, direct x 7.0, and a desire to be a beat master and an awesome Dj, U DJ is for you! It has a beat machine, and 3d virtual turntable! You will love this one! You have got to try it! It even lets you do combos on the virtual turntable! You have got to check it out! Brandon Fogerty programmed this in only two days! Check it out!

Knuckles Demo

This is a Sonic and Knuckles demo Brandon is working on. It should turn out pretty well. Right now it is a beta. If you like and want to help with programming, graphics, music, or sound effects please email me at

           So far it looks like the real game! Thanks!

                    GOD Bless!!!

Bryce World

Bitmap Image


This is a demo Brandon made. It basically proves that using Bryce 3d 4.0 landscapes in games is possible, rewarding, and has a fast loading time!

Data Cube

Bitmap Image

This is a 3d Data Cube demo Brandon made for fun. Check it out!








3D World

by: Brandon Fogerty

You learn the basics of programming in 3d in Dark Basic. It teaches how to mouse Look, walk around, make a 3d world and environment, and how to load sprites and bitmaps. It goes over a whole lot more but those are the main features.

Direct x 7.0a or above. 300mhz computer.

Dark Basic

All Models and
Bitmaps ARE Included!


by: Brandon Fogerty


You will learn collision and keyboard/ Mouse control programming for Visual Basic 6.0 along with dealing with sprites.

Visual Basic 6.0



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